How It Works

  • Each artist pays $10 to enter. They gain 1 submission and 1 vote.
  • Artists CANNOT vote for themselves during voting phase
  • Each phase lasts 48 hours
  • There are 3 phases (registration, submission, voting)
  • Once registration closes, we use ChatGPT to write a story that ends with a question?
  • Artists have 48 hours to create their piece and submit for voting phase
  • After submission phase ends, Voting phase begins
  • ANY medium of creation can be used (AI, Photography, Audio, Video, ETC)
  • Places paid determine on amount entered

Each paid entry has 1 vote to spend and cannot vote for themselves All updates will be one click away via a button on our website. This is updated per rounds. Good luck and our current champion to beat is


Write what you are looking for, and press enter to begin your search!

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