Our First Sponsor

We are proud to announce that we’ve landed our first sponsor to ever host a Prompt Rumble CryptoKarens

A meme nft collection and strong supporter of the NFT community. Make sure you follow and drop by
@crypto_karens to show your appreciation in recognizing their efforts in pushing for our grassroots competition to go further than just a idea on Twitter.

  • We featured the project a couple times
  • We featured the twitter profile a couple times
  • We pinned the link on our homepage top bar
  • We changed our header for 6 days (NFT Freaks yields over 8 million impressions currently for the last 28 days)
  • We wrote a blog
  • We will continue to endorse this project as a believer in us and strong supporter of the community

The sponsor fee was a entry price level $50 that will compete and perform 10X better to what any regular marketing campaign would yield you on popular social networks which makes it a great package for any username in the digital art space.

Thank you for believing in us. It means a lot to me personally ❤

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