Voting Booth Now Open 6/22

Official submissions for Prompt Rumble 6/22 are now complete. We have a total of 11 entries to vote on. Voting will last for 48 hours or once all voters have submitted their choices.

Official Prompt Rumble 6/22 Prompt
The ocean is vast and hasn’t been fully explored. There are creatures and unknown species that have still yet to be discovered. Show us a piece of a unknown creature that one could possibly encounter using your imagination.

How to vote?

  • Check the voting booth link (this opens only when voting is available)
  • Click on entrants and view their submitted request (this happens via link on Twitter)
  • Please retweet your choice with a great message and make sure to tag @nftfreaks or use the hashtag #promptrumble
  • Each entrant has only 1 vote to issue and you CANNOT vote yourself

Good luck to all entrants.

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