Voting Booth Now Open 12/19

Official submissions for Prompt Rumble 12/19 are now complete. We have a total of 7 entries to vote on. Voting will last for 48 hours or once all voters have submitted their choices.

Official Prompt Rumble 12/19 Prompt
Amelia opened the antique chest her grandmother had given her, and a cascade of memories tumbled out.

Among the treasures was a delicate snow globe that transported her back to a snowy Christmas Eve, where the laughter of loved ones echoed in the air.

Now, as the globe sparkled with miniature snowflakes, she wondered, “If you could capture the warmth and joy of that magical Christmas night in a drawing, illustration, render or photo what would your masterpiece look like?”

How to vote?

  • Check the voting booth link (this opens only when voting is available)
  • Click on entrants and view their submitted request (this happens via link on Twitter)
  • Please retweet your choice with a great message and make sure to tag @nftfreaks or use the hashtag #promptrumble
  • Each entrant has only 1 vote to issue and you CANNOT vote yourself

Good luck to all entrants.

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